Why a complete service is important

As design/build contractors, we know that the key to a beautiful landscape is a well-designed landscape plan: one that utilizes a variety of materials and plants to form a full aesthetic composition. RSL provides a complete array of landscape design services. We specialize in residential garden design, from intimate small-scale spaces, to large full-scale gardens and residential master planning.

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Note: As design-build landscape contractors we develop plans for projects we construct, we do not offer design services for other projects.

Our Approach

Our landscape designs are client focused- we want to use your input to create a garden that meets your needs. While we try to use our experience and expertise in creating a successful landscape design, we find that the best designs are those that take and enhance the client's needs and desires for the new project.

We recommend that during the process of designing that you look at the project as whole unit, instead of individualized elements. It's best to create a design that will take into account the entire space to be designed, even if other elements may be installed in later phases or over an extended period. The ultimate goal is that the finished product looks professionally designed and all the elements of the project fit together. Materials, shapes, and spatial arrangements should relate and compliment each other well.

In our design process, we create a full color computerized plan that plots all features of your new landscape in a flexible computer format, which can be referred to throughout the landscape process. The digital format keeps things flexible and saves time and effort as we make changes and adjustments along the way.