Landscape Construction

As a design-build landscape contractor, RSL Landscape offers a full range of construction services.

Clean-up, Grading & Site Prep: We can perform all the work necessary to clear, grade, and prepare your project for installation.

Irrigation and Drainage Systems: The underlying systems of a new landscaping are as important as the finished product. Our irrigation systems focus on high-efficiency water saving drip irrigation for plantings and efficient overhead irrigation for turf and other planting applications.

Hard Landscape Installations:

We have extensive experience with a wide range of hard landscape installations, especially retaining wall and patio projects.

Site Grading and Retaining walls

It seems like a disproportionate number of homes in the Timaru and Geraldine areas are built on slopes. We design systems of retaining walls and grading that helps you get the most out of the areas available. There are a wide variety of wall types and styles for applications varying from decorative or low border walls, to large scale retaining walls designed to reclaim space. We can also prepare the necessary technical plans for approval with permitting processes.* We also design walls of wood, modular blocks, concrete, and natural stone to complement the design and style of the project.

* We do not offer design services for walls that require engineering.

Timber Construction

Well-designed timber structures can add a distinct feature to any project. We design trellis screens, fences, arbors, gates, planter/vegetable boxes and decks that incorporate the detail and richness of wood into the project.

Special Features

A garden is more than just plants and hard landscape alone. Lighting, water features and special outdoor use areas, such as barbeques and outdoor kitchens can add a new dimension to your project.

  • Water Features
    bring the action and sound of water into the garden, and can be incorporated at a variety of scales into the design. From small precast fountains, to streambeds and ponds, we design fountains and water features created to add life to the garden.
  • Lighting
    Low voltage lighting brings the dimension of nighttime viewing and safety/access into the design. We create lighting plans to accent key features, provide lighting for outdoor use areas, a light pathways, steps and walls.
  • Outdoor Cooking
    Designing in a Barbeque and Firepit can integrate a key outdoor activity into the project and can be an upgrade over the black Weber and charcoal wheeled out from the garage.